The internet and SSAB World

Monday morning Mauston, Wisconsin greetings to all!

In the photography business, so much has changed over the past ten years with digital photography and the internet. I got an e-mail last week from the editor of a Swedish magazine called, SSAB World. They needed a industrial photographer to run up the road to Moline, Il. and shoot some photos of an engineer that was going to be getting an award. After a couple of e-mails we were able to get everything arranged and the shoot was scheduled and ready to go. The client wanted to have a shot with the engineer standing by a combine and holding some grain in his hands. It sounds like a pretty simple shot and to some degree it is, but we added a little bit to the degree of difficulty by doing some lighting outdoors which can sometimes be a real adventure! We shot the images into the laptop and we knew that everything was looking really good. Once we got back to Peoria and I was able to get the images into the studio computer and see them on a color corrected monitor. The first thing that I said when I saw them on monitor was “Wow”! The shots came out better then I thought that they might when we were shooting them. I was able to upload the images to the SSAB World’s server in Sweden and the gig was done. The client was ecstatic with the shots and that’s always a great feeling to make someone so happy!

This gig shows you just how much things have changed from the way that I was contacted by the client to the delivery of the images over the internet!

Here’s one of the snaps that we got from our shoot along with a nice behind the scenes look at the lighting equipment and gear that we used to pull this shot off!

I hope that you have a wonderful week as always and thanks again for checking out my work!!!!


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