“Step up your game” and a Lamborghini in the house!

Monday Peoria greetings to all,

Competition. Some people fear it, I embrace it! When I started 21 years ago,  there were only a hand full of photographers in the Central Illinois area doing commercial photography. Today we have a lot of very talented photographers along the I-74 corridor from the Quad Cities down to Champaign that are out there kicking butt with their photography.  When you’re faced with competition like that, you can go sit on the porch and feel sorry for yourself or you can get out there and “step up your game”!  I know that all of these good photographers have pushed me to be a better photographer because of that competition!!!!

I had a Lamborghini Gallardo in the studio this past week and besides shooting a bunch of standard shots,  I tried to push the boundaries with some more moody lighting and this is one of those shots that I really liked!!!!!!   It’s time for me to “Step up my game”!!!!!

I’ve also made a couple of sizes of the image if you want to use this for a desktop image on your computer!
Standard screen    http://kevinmay.com/kmcsd4june11.jpg
HD Widescreen    http://kevinmay.com/kmchd4june11.jpg

I hope that you have a great week as always!!!!


Click on image to see a larger version!

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