Verizon and the Iphone!

Monday morning Peoria greetings to all!!!

Last week I got an Iphone! I had to wait three years to get one and you’re probably thinking why did I wait so long? When Apple first announced that they were making a phone three and a half years ago, I wanted one and I wanted it bad! At the time they granted exclusive rights to AT&T and if you wanted one, you had to switch to AT&T for your cell service. Having been on enough shoots outside of the big cities (that’s rural America folks) and seeing how clients and art directors didn’t have any service, that sealed the deal for me. I knew that I would have to wait and wait I did until Apple’s exclusive deal with AT&T ran it’s three year contract.

So my long wait finally is over and last week I got my Iphone from Verizon and I have to tell you I’m loving it! So far so good and the phone works like a champ! I was so happy that I had to shoot a shot of it and here it is.

It’s time to get busy and get to work!!!! I hope that you have an outstanding week as always and thanks again for checking out my stuff!!!!


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