Venice, La.

Monday morning greetings from the Big Easy!

I hope that you and those that you love and care about had a very good Christmas this past weekend!

We were down in Venice, La. on Sunday and for those of you that have never been South of New Orleans, It’s the southern most point that you can drive along the Mississippi River. As we were driving south from NOLA, you could still see the effects from Hurricane Katrina more then five years ago. There are many signs that things have been repaired and rebuilt, but you can also see the signs of things that aren’t! It’s hard to imagine how things were in this area after that storm, but when you see some of the stuff that we saw on Sunday, you can start to imagine what it was like and I’m sure it wasn’t pretty!!!

Here’s a couple of my shots from yesterday down in Venice and it was a dark cold day and I think that my snaps reflect that!

Thank you so much for checking out my work as always and I’m hoping that you have a very happy New Years this coming weekend!!! Be safe and have fun!!!!!

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