Keeping my big mouth shut!!!!

Monday morning Georgia greetings to one and all!!!!

Well, at least I was able to stay home for a couple of weeks before getting back out on the road!

When I shoot something really cool, I want to share it immediately! I’ve had to keep my mouth shut for the last six months and not share these photos that I shot until now. I was out in Arizona shooting some new Caterpillar trucks that will be sold in the Australian market and as we started shooting, I was digging the shots that we were coming up with and I started thinking, “This will make a great Monday morning promo”! About the time I was thinking that, both the creative director and the client looked at me and said “You can’t use these shots for a promo until the trucks are officially unveiled in Australia”! I’ve been a good boy and keep my big mouth shut till now! The trucks were just recently unveiled in Australia, so now I can show you some of the cool snaps that we got!!!!!

Thanks as always for checking out my work and have a great week!!!!


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