August Road Trip Snaps!

Sunny Peoria Monday morning greetings to all,

I had quite a little road trip before Labor Day weekend and it was great! I was swamped this summer with work (I’m not complaining at all) and one of the things that I didn’t have time to do was shoot some photography for myself and I really need to do that from time to time to keep my creative batteries recharged. This photo-safari was all about photography and not about visiting friends along the way. In 18 days that I was gone from Peoria, I saw 16 states and logged 5381 miles in the car and I had a blast!

I’ve put together a little pdf with some of the snaps along the way. Here’s a link for the pdf

Thanks as always for checking out my snaps and I hope that you have a great week!


Click on image to see a larger version


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