A bike ride across the USA!

Sunny Peoria Monday morning greetings to all!

How’s this for a story, you’re a retired school teacher and you decide to ride a bicycle 3415 miles across the USA in 47 days. Sounds crazy doesn’t it! Washington, Il. resident (and friend) Champ Walker did this and I’m still amazed at what he was able to do. Here’s a link for the blog that Champ keep during his ride along with photos if you’d like to see what it was all about! http://walkerride.blogspot.com/2009_05_01_archive.html

A buddy and I teamed up on a photo of Champ and here’s one of the snaps from the shoot that I really liked!

Time to roll, it’s going to be a very busy week!!!! Thanks as always for checking out my work and I hope that you have a wonderful week!!!!


Click on image to see a larger version


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