Big Bend National Park, Texas

Peoria Labor Day Monday morning greetings to all,

First and for most before we start today, let’s keep the people of Louisiana and Texas in our thoughts and prayers over the next couple of days with everything that’s happening today and also all that’s going to be going on with Hurricane Gustav in the coming days. Just a few days ago I was traveling from Big Bend National Park to Atlanta, Ga. and I was going through the areas that are now getting hammered and on the radio they were talking about all the things involving the evacuation of the area. I also saw a ton of the buses that were coming in on the Interstate when I was in Alabama and Mississippi. It looks like everyone followed the warnings and got out before things got bad!

On to the fun stuff! On my whirlwind trip these past few weeks, I stopped down to visit Big Bend National Park for a day. Big Bend is I believe the largest National Park and also the least visited because of it’s location in Southern Texas. I had a great time going around and although I didn’t get to see it all, I did get to see enough to make me want to go back! Here’s one of my snaps and if you look to the left of the shot, you’ll see the Rio Grand River and the area to the right and on the other side of the river is Mexico!

Thanks as always and have a great week!!!!


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