Sunny New Mexico Monday morning greetings,

Sunny New Mexico Monday morning greetings,

I rode my Harley out to Las Cruces, N.M. this past weekend to see my folks for the 4th of July Holiday week and I’ll ride back to Peoria this weekend. It was a fun ride as it always is and the weather was a bit cool which surprised me. Don’t worry, it will be plenty hot for the ride home this coming weekend!

I shot with a couple of C & W musicians in the studio right before I left. The Webbs (Greg and Jeff) are trying to make in country music and they’ve got a dream and are going for it! We had a great shoot and here’s the very last shot of the evening and I thought it was one of the best!!!

Thanks as always and if you’re traveling this coming 4th of July weekend (like I’ll be), be safe and have a great time!


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