Sunrise in Paradise!

Sunny warm tropical Caribbean Monday morning greetings to all!!!!

Some days I have a dirty thankless job. Fortunately for me, today is not one of those days!!!!!!!

Before I get too much grief for this, I’m the most blessed person that you’ll ever meet!!!!!!

This all started early last week when I got a call from a client wanting to know if I could fly down here to the Caribbean for a shoot this week. It probably took shorter than a nanosecond for me to say yes! We flew down yesterday morning leaving Peoria and the -25 below zero wind chills to arrive here in St. Vincent 12 hours later and it was actually a little warm when we got off the plane. Of course I solved the problem of being too hot with some of my favorite cold adult beverages and the world was right once again!

Here’s the morning sunrise shot, enjoy!!!!!!!

OK, now you can let me have it!!!!!! I’ll just have to live with the daggers that are coming!!!!!!!

I’m sure that I’ll have more photos to share next week, so to all my friends back home, “Stay warm”!!!!!!!!!!!!


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