My first Centerfold!

Monday greetings to all,

No, it’s not what you might be thinking!!!!!!

Readers Digest version; A number of years ago I shot for “Cats” magazine. “Cats” was sold to “Cat Fancy” magazine seven or so years ago and “Cat Fancy” bought all the content of “Cats” (stories, photography, etc.). I’ve not shot for “Cat Fancy” specifically, but from time to time my old photos from the “Cats” days appear in “Cat Fancy”. I’ve never had one of my photos appear as the “centerfold” before, but now I can’t say that any more! It’s in the May issue (ironic isn’t it) of “Cat Fancy” and it’s on the newsstands now, so you might see it at the stores!!!!

Thanks as always and have a great week!!!!


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One thought on “My first Centerfold!

  1. That’s one hot kitty 😉 It’s always nice to see one’s work in print and a centerfold to boot. Well Done.

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